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While we started the development of our tokenization platform for the art-world already in 2019, the momentum for NFT is now.

And we are ready with a proven platform and hands-on experience!

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Fluidensity is the
"Best Startup in Twente"

A jury of business professionals selected Fluidensity as the Best Startup of Twente, organized by Business Magazine TOM.

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For artists and art galleries, we created an online platform to convert the ownership of art into digital certificates. Via these certificates of ownership or NFTs, we introduce a totally new way to collect, trade, and expose art.

Artists and galleries benefit from an increasing potential of collectors. Also, from all future trades, artists can get royalties automatically.

Unlike other NFT platforms, we support both tangible and digital artwork. And being a Dutch company we are compliant with EU laws and regulations.

By using blockchain technology, we make collecting, exposing and trading art secure, transparent, and inclusive.


Artists benefit from an increasing potential of collectors. Also, from all future trades, artists get royalties automatically.


Collectors can spread and secure their portfolio, and expose it digitally on art displays and marble devices.


Galleries support their customers with NFTs on special art displays, having an advisory role. NFTs are the next big thing for galleries.


Metaverse is the new internet, a combination of new technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and video where users "live" within a digital universe.

Madelin Twente at #48 in Dutch Innovation Top 100

Madelin Twente B.V., the mother company of Fluidensity, is recognized as #48 in the 100 most innovative companies in The Netherlands.

A committee of innovation experts made a selection from almost 400 companies for a listing in the annual Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100. All nominees were judged on impact for society, originality, availability, realised revenue and growth-potential.

In January 2021 the final ranking was be published.

Live painting by Peter Riezebos at CES in Las Vegas

At the CES in Las Vegas (January 7-10) international artist, Peter Riezebos created an artwork live at the booth of Fluidensity. The painting is the first artwork ever that will be traded at the blockchain platform of Fluidensity.

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State Secretary Mona Keijzer visit Fluidensity at the CES in Las Vegas

Mona Keijzer is State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. She is joining the Dutch mission at CES in Las Vegas.

Tribute to Van Gogh by Peter Riezebos

Dutch artist Peter Riezebos hosted a Gala Dinner at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam to celebrate his Tribute to Van Gogh. And Fluidensity was invited.

Peter Riezebos created a series of 10 paintings as an homage to Vincent van Gogh. The paintings are pure Riezebos paintings but inspired by Vincent van Gogh.


Fluidensity visit Moca Shanghai

Last week we visited Moca, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai. Moca is located in the Peoples Park in the centre of Pudong.

The museum presented Do You Copy? , encompassing the media of video, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, fashion, and artificial intelligence. Do You Copy features works by artists and creative collectives, over half of which are commissioned specifically for this exhibition or presented in public for the first time.

Techleap.nl select Fluidensity for CES2020 Las Vegas

Special Envoy of Techleap.nl, His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn van Oranje, travels with 49 Dutch startups, including Fluidensity, to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas. He announced this during CES Unveiled in Amsterdam, the ultimate sneak peek of what will be launched worldwide at CES 2020. Also State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate, Mona Keijzer will also be present in Las Vegas.


CES 2020 Las Vegas

At the CES in Las Vegas, the largest tech show on the planet, we launch our art platform Fluidensity. For the first time ever, international artist Peter Riezebos will convert artwork via our Fluidensity platform into digital tokens. He will create this artwork live at our booth at CES Las Vegas.

CES Eureka Park is the global stage for startups where new ideas are funded and new acquisitions happen.


Peter Riezebos

Peter Riezebos (1980) is a Shanghai-based artist from the Netherlands. His creative work encompasses drawings and paintings, primarily in abstract, figurative and neo- expressionism traditions.

Peter Riezebos is an autodidact. His creative ability emerged early in life and originated from his neurological dispositions and strong desire to express his emotions and experiences visually.

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Dutch startups joining CES 2020

Fifty Dutch startups, including Fluidensity, will present themselves from 7 to 10 January 2020 at the world’s most prestigious technology event in Las Vegas. Besides his Royal Highness Prince Constantijn van Oranje, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate, Mona Keijzer and Gerbert Kunst, Consul-General in San Francisco, will also be present in Las Vegas.

CES offers a fantastic opportunity to engage with an international audience of investors, potential partners and new customers.

Non-Fungible Tokens: the next big thing in Art

While the pandemic continues and museums suffer, artists and art collectors recognize the power of blockchain in the form of NFT’s.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, a digital token that resides on a blockchain like Ethereum or Cardano. The token represents the ownership of digital or physical artwork.


Art goes Digital on the Blockchain

Fluidensity developed an online platform for the tokenization of assets using blockchain technology.

By using blockchain technology, collecting and trading art will be secure, transparent, and inclusive.


Can blockchain technology protect cultural inheritance?

A commission led by Alexander Pechtold, announced action should be taken to prevent artworks, considered part of Dutch cultural heritage, from being sold to foreign collectors.


How blockchain will change the world's oldest profession

Often prostitution is called the world's oldest profession. But in fact, creating art is. Since the existence of humanity, art is used to communicate, tell a story, capture history, and shape cultures.


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